Sue Conant

Reading has been a lifelong love. My dad’s library card is one of my treasures. He loved books. I grew up enjoying summer vacation sitting outside with a stack of books, soaking up sunshine and words. During winter, I curled up on the couch, listening to the snow pelt on the windows lost in a book. I wish I still had the stamina to read all night feeling amazed that it was daylight filtering through the shade. Now I fall asleep!
I am the mother of eight very creative children, believe me, I still hear stories of their “creativity” that I did not know about. There is such a thing as a decade secret. Eight children, 10 grandchildren, and 39 years with the love of my life later, I am enjoying putting pen to paper (or rather tap tap tapping on a keyboard).
While spending most of the past decades at home raising my children, I also worked as a respiratory therapist, daycare provider, and photographer.
I live in Florida with all eight of my children within 60 miles. I now watch my grandchildren “entertain” their parents with their creativity. Believe me, there is always a spark for a story somewhere.

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