The Stone of Clexurs Den

This piece was written by my grandson Joshua Hazlett for submittal to the Daily Flash Fiction Challenge conducted by All stories must be less than 300 words and contain at least one use of each of the three prompt words. Joshua likes to write fantasy stories.

The Stone of Clexurs Den

by Joshua Hazlett

Regina Banks finished reading the story of the hidden Stone of Clexurs Den to her son Luke. Luke had already fallen asleep, so Regina turned off the bed lamp and quietly left the room.
It was after midnight when Luke awakened to find the map on the lampshade of his bed lamp glowing. He was sure this had something to do with the story of the Stone of Clexurs.
Luke dressed quietly, took the lampshade, and left the house. The map kept glowing as Luke made his way into the Black Mountains. He followed the trail deep into the forest, his only light being the glowing lampshade.
The lampshade led him to a cave in the side of the mountain. From deep in the cave he could see a faint green glow. The passage into the cave grew tighter as he continued, getting so small that he had to crawl, but the glow kept getting brighter. At last the passage opened up into a large room. Resting in the center was a stone about the size of a bushel basket, and glowing bright green.
Standing off to the side, was a shadowy figure, looking like a wizard from a mystery novel. “Touch the stone only if you dare” said the wizard. Luke was one who always took a dare. He reached out and placed his hand flat against the stone.
Luke’s frame shook violently and he could feel a surge of energy course through his body. “You are now Commander Fearless”, said the wizard. “You will protect the weak and helpless and hunt down criminals for the rest of your days.”
“Is this an after-school job?”, asked Luke.


Prompt: stone, midnight, lamp Word Count: 279