Bob Hazlett

I came late to creative writing. After retiring from a career in research and development with the military and defense industry, I took up roaming the US full-time in my RV. For seven years, I have been capturing experiences and places in words and pictures. Now I roam for six months and winter in Florida. I maintain a travel blog and have articles published in magazines and e-zines relating to travel, RVing, and history. See clips here.

I decided to venture into ‘creative’ writing as a way to give my experiences a wider audience and to force myself to sharpen my writing skills, and to possibly earn a few bucks to defray expenses. No success with the latter so far, but I’m having fun as I go. I think my favorite genre is Creative Non-fiction.

Along the way, I stumbled into ‘flash fiction’ and found it to be stimulating. When I couldn’t get under the word limit, I had a short story. I met other writers in the same situation. Having these efforts buried on a hard drive seemed a waste; I decided to put them out here for your enjoyment and comment.

Shameless plug: I am a member of the Space Coast Writers’ Guild and the Brevard Authors Society. I also spend too much time roaming looking for treasures.

See a small part of my work here