After …


by Bob Hazlett

… death, that is.

Everyone thinks about death occasionally, and what follows. Most religions promise that if you join their club you will live forever. If I accept that, I come to the next question(s), which offer a rollicking good time for freewriting. Start with any of these questions, then when you get warmed up add your own.

1. What will I look like?

2. What will I do all day?

3. Will I eat and sleep? Where?

4. Will I be able to drink bourbon and smoke cigars?

5. Will I be able to meet other people (spirits) — from the past, the future, the good, the bad, the famous?

6. Will I be able to travel through space and look for other life?

7. Will I be a ghost — a good one, a bad one, can I choose?

8. Will I have God’s knowledge of how he created the universe and be able to say “Oh, I see how that works.”

9. Will my spirit be stuffed into another body and have to go through this life again?

10. Will I be able to hear and speak — what language, all languages, some heavenly language?

This article came from ten minutes of freewriting just after I read J. Corso’s piece “A Ghost’s Story.” Each of the questions above can be a prompt for more freewriting. Try it.


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