Funny Ice Cubes

skull in drink

by Bob Hazlett

Several days ago, we visited friends for drinks and dinner. I noticed, as our host performed bartender duties, he was chilling the drinks with a sphere of ice about two inches in diameter — one sphere per drink. My curiosity came up and I asked.

The ice spheres were made in rubber molds made for that purpose, and readily available, probably in stores, but definitely at I began the search and soon fell into a treasure trove of rubber molds for icing drinks.

Molds are available in many configurations. I saw spheres, basketballs, rose blossoms, skulls, oversized cubes, even hand grenades. They also come in a variety of sizes — make one, make two, make four. I had to try them.

This afternoon I am sitting on my porch with my bourbon and cigar, doing my daily Freewriting, while my drink is chilling with a “skull.” How cool is that. Should I start a collection?


Word Count: 153

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